Dorman Capital is the private investment office of the Melbourne based Dorman family. Dorman Capital traces its origins back to the formation of what is now Regis Healthcare, one of Australia’s largest builders, owners and operators of residential aged care facilities founded in 1992. The family remains active in the business at a board level and has retained a significant shareholding.

The Dorman family has maintained an investment office in various forms since 2009 and Dorman Capital was established in early 2017 to implement the long-term investment strategy of the family. Dorman Capital seeks to create long-term value by applying the industry knowledge, operational experience and stable capital base, developed over two and a half decades to a variety of investment opportunities. We focus on long-term impact and value creation.

The success that has led to the creation of Dorman Capital has been based upon focus and drive coupled with the values of integrity, fairness, persistence and sound judgement.

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