The Dorman family has maintained an investment office in various forms since 2009 and Dorman Capital was established in early 2017 to implement the long-term investment strategy of the family.

Dorman Capital’s investment strategy is to identify opportunities for high quality returns while minimising the risk for permanent capital loss.  Dorman Capital invests for the long term.  It seeks opportunities to leverage its expertise and networks and is able to move quickly to capitalise on them when they arise.  The success that has led to the creation of Dorman Capital has been based upon focus and drive coupled with the values of integrity, fairness, persistence and sound judgement.


Dorman Capital Investment Group (DCIG) is the genesis of 40 years business and commercial experience of the Founder, Bryan Dorman who, like many others , has travelled the journey on the business and wealth creation road from a very humble beginning and with numerous and varied risks and rewards during that time. He, together with his wife of 45 years, Christine  started out with a zero balance sheet after back packing in their early years to many and varied locations.

Having decided to chance their hand on this journey, they set about fulfilling a life plan to success. Initially through early work experiences in the Government sector, which they assessed very quickly as not their long term option, Bryan joined Rees Partners Accountants in 1978, a suburban accounting firm in Melbourne. Progressing through a learning, developing and managing role in the firm, he and his partners established a business strategy to grow their practice and allied investments, which Bryan remained with until 1998.

In the mid 1980’s, Bryan advised a number of clients in aged care, and developed a strategy which was the starting point for his last 30 years of work in that sector. The seeds were planted in 1990, and soon after, commenced with two leasehold nursing home businesses, when he and a small group of fellow investors initiated what was to ultimately become the Regis Organisation. Through a strategic plan that relied on asset development, and cautious risk and liquidity management, the organisation grew rapidly year on year from 1992.

As Executive Chairman, Bryan led and facilitated this growth from the start, and throughout the changing aged care environment in the late 1990’s and 2000’s, when demographic demand prompted the growth and the necessary maturity in the sector. After a successful merger in 2007 with an allied aged care operator, and a listing in 2014, Regis Healthcare Ltd, was successfully floated in 2014 and has grown to the large organisation it is today, with nearly 6000 residents Australia wide and 5500 staff.

Recognising the generational issues, the family established DCIG in 2017. Based in Melbourne Australia, It is charting this new course with a diversified investment and wealth creation strategy, through the additional contribution of sons, Nicholas and Andrew, after both returning from living and working in Europe and USA for some years. In its second year of existence the family generational strategy is evolving cautiously but enthusiastically with both Nicholas and Andrew taking an active role and an Advisory board and Investment Committee underwriting their skills.